Tylenol PM


For Tylenol PM's Sleep Month campaign, we wanted to help people develop better sleep habits. We created an integrated campaign to get people thinking about how their daily choices affect their sleep, and the importance of getting a good night's rest.

In New York, we used 3D bus shelters to remind passersby that their afternoon coffee may be keeping them up at night. These were featured in NY Times and Curbed.



Bus shelter wraps in Chicago gave the illusion that commuters were sitting inside of a bedroom, and let them explore the different ways they could make their own bedroom a more sleep-friendly environment.


A magazine ad let people to track a week of sleep to see how getting better sleep could effect their mood.


The Sleep Tracker iPhone App let people see for themselves how benefitical a good night's sleep could be. It allowed users to track their previous night's sleep and corresponding mood, keep a sleep journal, and access dozens of tips for getting a better night's sleep.



Time-targeted online banners delivered tips on what you could do during the day to improve your chances of a good night's sleep, and things you can do at night if you still had trouble falling asleep.


The "Get Ready for Bed" site consildated all of our sleep tips and tools into one place, with sections focuing on things you can do throughout your day to help you sleep at night, how to get your bedroom ready for bed, and the benefits of sleep in improving your mood.