Pepto Bismol Under-Indulger


We needed to persuade people that it’s ok to over-indulge on food and drink (and buy Pepto-Bismol) during the holidays, without actually showing people over-indulging. Our solution: Remind the public that no one likes an under-indulger during the holidays.

We started with a broadcast commercial starring Ken Jeong saving under-indulgers at a holiday party. Yahoo inlcuded the spot in their 13 Most Talked-About Commercials of 2010 and the campaign won a Silver Effie.


We also created Tummy Time – a web series starring Ken Jeong as a frustrated scientist, miniaturized and stuck inside the stomach of an under-indulger. The videos were featured on AdWeek, NY Mag, Gawker, and Mashable.


And a newspaper print ad showed a sad, barely-nibbled gingerbread man—a victim of under-indulgence.