From 2001–2005 I was a member of the band Bellaparker. I mixed, co-wrote, and co-produced the album The Things We Say. I also designed the brand, album art, site, and marketing collateral.

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The following are various experiments and doodles from 2000–2005.

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Exorsized — A pixel art film that was based on the audio from a "real life" exorcism.


Beck vs. Allman Brothers — Built for Pixelperson's first issue in 2001 to compare the similarities between two songs. It was referenced on several design and music sites and prompted a fierce online debate, generating over 40,000 hits in the first day. It was viral before viral was cool.


Blue Sky Series Invite — A victorian-style printed invitation with coded message and cipher wheel.


Pixeldrag — Pixel art version of Guadalupe Street in Austin, Texas.


Icons — Vector and pixel icon designs.